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I’m someone who finds writing words difficult.

It’s not my favored communication medium, I’m more of an audio or video type of communicator.

Why the hell would I write daily you ask?

Well… even though I’m not a huge fan of producing, I do like to consume written content. I find it easy to glance over and take lots of information in when reading.

So, in the name of creating content I’d enjoy consuming, written content is something I’ve deemed necessary for your benefit.

Twice in the past I’ve tried writing daily, both times lasted a few weeks before I stopped. There were a few reasons for stopping.

One was because it was taking a good amount of effort to publish and promote what I was producing.

Missinglettr is now helping on the promotion front.

Today’s tool, Airstory, is helping on the publishing front.

Airstory is a web app designed for professional writers and teams. They have a neat little web clipper type tool that saves content around the web as “cards” in Airstory, that can be added into what you are working on at a later date. There is also a bunch of features I’m not using at the moment.

What I love most about Airstory, is the clean writing environment, the auto-saving feature and the fact it works cross-platform. I can pick up where I left off regardless of what computer I’m using or where I am.

It also integrates with WordPress. So when I’m done writing the daily post, I copy and paste the content into an email in Ontraport to send out, then I hit a button that exports and opens a draft post in WordPress. I add a featured image from the Pexels website and hit publish.


One drawback is that it’s not the cheapest tool going around. Airstory will set you back around $60 per month. I picked up a lifetime deal from AppSumo a few weeks back, so for me, the product has been an absolute steal.

If you are someone who writes a lot of content (emails, blog posts, sales letters etc), Airstory is worth checking out.

If you want more detail into how I use the tools I’m sharing in these emails, check out the Insights Report.

Jake Hower

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