Taking payments online

If you’ve worked in the online space for any length of time, you will realize how difficult it can be to accept payments from your website.

Sure, there is PayPal, and more recently, platforms like Stripe. It’s not as simple as signing up for one of those services and being all set.

Alone, those platforms allow you to accept payments. But, without custom development work, the functionality offered is basic at best.

You need a shopping cart to help make life a little easier.

In my businesses, I’ve got developers working for me full time, so we have always created custom payment flows. This is great because we have been able to design them the exact way we wanted. The disadvantage of this option is that if you make changes, it requires development hours and can take time to implement.

I have avoided the pain that many online business owners come across. But, this doesn’t mean I have avoided the subject altogether or I that cannot relate to those that have experienced it.

Over and over, I’ve heard the same questions and complaints surrounding online payments.

  • How do I do X?
  • Is there a better option than using Y?
  • Can’t I use Z and be done with it?

In fact, a couple years ago, I registered MergeCart.com, designed a user interface and mapped out a feature set to solve this exact problem. I never went ahead with it because I got distracted with other matters. Thank goodness, too…

Close to a year ago, a friend and “Upper Hand” subscriber, Sean, recommended I take a look at ThriveCart.

Man, was I blown away. The team behind the product had built out what I had planned plus more, by a factor of ten.

I signed up and ThriveCart has become the primary cart platform in my businesses ever since.

It has a bunch of features packed into a simple and easy to use interface, like offering payment plans, subscriptions, upsells etc. I’d recommend you check out their website to read up about all of them.

Here are the features I like best:

Ability to accept multiple forms of payment (Credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay)

At Fuzed, we’ve only ever accepted credit card as payment. Because of development requirements we’d need to undertake to support PayPal (with our custom payment process), we decided to ignore it.

When I offered the ability for customers to pay with credit card AND PayPal, I was surprised. I found that 60% of people chose PayPal over credit card.

Being able to offer multiple forms of payment has lead to an increase in sales.

1-Click Order Form Bumps 

This simple feature has been another revelation for us. It’s a little check box that appears on your order form that offers the buyer a complimentary product or service to what they are already buying.

For instance, on a golfing site I run, the main product being sold is a $7 eBook. We added an order bump which included video drills that compliment the eBook, priced at $29. It increased the average order value by over 100%. THAT. IS. CRAZY.

Affiliate Platform

A few months ago, ThriveCart added an affiliate module into the platform. While I’m yet to take advantage of this feature, it solves an issue I’ve run into, which caused me to close down the Fuzed affiliate program.

One of the most annoying things I found with offering an affiliate program was the administration involved. Every month, someone would have to spend a few hours managing and sending payments to the affiliates. Most of the payments were small and not worth the effort. So, I closed down the program.

ThriveCart’s affiliate platform offers auto-payouts via PayPal. Game changed. It makes offering an affiliate program attractive again.

Pay-What-You-Want Offers

These work well for lower priced products like eBooks and the sort. I’ll be using this feature as part of the pre-launch offer for the Insights Report.

There are many cart platforms on the market. With different feature sets and different pricing models. You can expect to pay anywhere between $10-200 per month for a cart platform that drives an important part of your business. This is great value.

ThriveCart isn’t “publicly” available just yet. It’s still in “beta”. Instead of charging monthly, as most cart platforms do, they have a onetime payment which offers lifetime access. It’s ridiculously good value. I paid back my investment of ThriveCart inside of six-months, compared to what I would have been paying if I chose another platform.

If you are currently struggling with finding a solution for taking payments online, or if you at any stage, plan to take payments online, I would take a look at ThriveCart.

One last thing… here is the link to get you access to the lifetime offer. They will switch from lifetime pricing to monthly/yearly pricing soon.

Jake Hower

CEO of Fast Growth. Jake works with businesses to increase leads from online channels. Backed by data, not guesswork. For behind-the-scenes insights into what's working (and what's not), check out the monthly Fast Growth Marketing Insights Report