Spying on your competitors

Today a client, Dean, asked if I could help him work out how much traffic a competitor of his was getting to their website.

I shared four tools with him that not only estimated his competitors traffic, but also showed what keywords they are ranking for, the backlinks they are getting and their ads running on Google.

The four tools I shared were Spyfu, SEMrush, Ahrefs and SimilarWeb.

All four tools are paid services but offer some overview site data for free. Inside ten minutes you can get some good ideas on how to improve your own site, by spying on what your competitors are doing.

I’ve recorded a video that runs through how I use these tools specifically, it’s available only to Insights Report subscribers. Details below.

Jake Hower

CEO of Fast Growth. Jake works with businesses to increase leads from online channels. Backed by data, not guesswork. For behind-the-scenes insights into what's working (and what's not), check out the monthly Fast Growth Marketing Insights Report