Social media for the lazy man

I’ll admit it. Social media and me don’t get along…

Each day, I’ll log onto Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and see what’s going on. Every so often, I’ll like or comment on a post as I’m scrolling through my feeds. Rarely will I share a post of my creation.

I know a bunch of people who do well off of social. But, not me. There is too much effort involved and I don’t like that the rules can change in a flash. My preference is for better performing mediums, like paid media, cold outreach and email marketing.

Over the years, I’ve used a bunch of different auto-posting style apps. Buffer, Hootsuite, Edgar, RecurPost, etc.

Each tool has either required too much effort to manage, or has been so automated that the content it posted was low quality and got little engagement.

The tool I’m using right now is Missinglettr.

Every time a new post is added to one of my sites, it looks at the content, then creates a campaign of around ten updates spread out over the course of a year.

It takes quotes from the post and creates quote images, adds suggested hash tags and links back to the post, then notifies me the campaign is ready for review.

I login, take about five minutes to make sure the quotes and posts make sense, then set the campaign live.

Missinglettr posts the campaign to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc and once I set the campaign live, I can forget about.

So far, the interaction on the posts being shared is higher than when I was using a tool like Edgar. Using Missinglettr doesn’t add too much extra effort.

At the moment, you can grab six months access, for the price of one.

If you’re like me and hate social posting, take a look at it.

Catch you tomorrow.

Jake Hower

CEO of Fast Growth. Jake works with businesses to increase leads from online channels. Backed by data, not guesswork. For behind-the-scenes insights into what's working (and what's not), check out the monthly Fast Growth Marketing Insights Report