Eight Chrome Extensions I use Every Day

The majority of my time working is spent inside the Chrome browser. I can count on one hand the number of apps I use that aren’t browser based.

One of the best features of Chrome are Chrome Extensions. As of right now I have seventeen installed. Eight of which, I use every single day.

Here is a list of the eight extensions I use daily, and why I like them.


Loom is a nifty little tool that allows you to record your screen and share the video with others. There are other similar tools that do what Loom does. However, none do it as efficiently or at such a high quality.

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Checker Plus for Gmail

If you use Gmail or G Suite, have multiple accounts you monitor and like to keep your Inbox clean this app is a must.

I have three G Suite accounts; I prefer to keep them all separate, but hated the inconvenience of switching between accounts or opening multiple tabs each time I wanted to check the Inbox.

Checker Plus combines your Inboxes into a browser extension. You can check, reply, send, search emails from any browser window. Rarely do I visit an Inbox anymore.

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I’ve covered why I like Rebrandly before. The extension gives you easy access to create links on the fly.

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With LastPass I never have to remember passwords or fill out login screens manually. The extension does it for me. Once you use this for a few weeks, you’ll get frustrated if you ever have to enter login details.

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Ghostery allows you to check what tracking and marketing scripts a website has got installed. I use it for client sites, and to see what competitors and others are using on their sites.

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Emoji Keyboard by EmojiOne

I’m finding myself using emoji lots these days. This extension gives easy access to a comprehensive library of emoji that get copied to the clipboard so you can paste them wherever needed. Like here .

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Pushbullet allows me to see and respond to notifications on my phone, from the browser. I mainly use it for Facebook messages, Slack, SMS and to push links, text etc between devices when needed.

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Fuzed (our own creation)

The Fuzed extension allows users to search, display, change or add contacts from ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft or Ontraport.

I use it for this purpose so I don’t have to login to Ontraport to view or amend a contact record.

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