Do your customers enjoy buying from you?

I’m obsessed with golf. Each week I’ll play two or three rounds plus a little practice here or there. I enjoy taking my laptop to the clubhouse, doing a little work and breaking it up by spending time on the putting green.

When I’m working from my office, I’ll setup a YouTube playlist and watch golf content from people I like to follow. It’s a list of around ten YouTubers. Combined, each day they upload enough for about two hours of video content.

As I write this, I  have a playlist of videos reviewing a particular putter I bought (from a Facebook group, of all places!). 

This has become a common process for me. Every time I’m mulling over buying something golf related, my first stop is YouTube to check out the reviews of the product (that’s if YouTube wasn’t already the place I first saw the product – which is regularly the case).

If I can’t find anything decent, I’ll see if I can find any blogs with reviews. If I luck out again, chances are I forget about buying the product, unless someone I trust has recommended it.

Once I’ve made a purchase, and I’m waiting for it to arrive, I’ll continue watching or reading reviews. It’s become a ritual of sort and makes my buying experience enjoyable.

What has this got to do with anything? Well, it got me thinking about where my own customers are hanging out. And what I can do for them to make their experience more enjoyable. Both in the research stage, and in the post-purchase stage.

I’ll spend some time over the next few days putting some thought into this.

Have you?

Jake Hower

CEO of Fast Growth. Jake works with businesses to increase leads from online channels. Backed by data, not guesswork. For behind-the-scenes insights into what's working (and what's not), check out the monthly Fast Growth Marketing Insights Report